Juki x Kanri Soft - Smart Sewing Solution

Kanrisoft is a smart sewing solution being developed by Kanri for Juki. It aims to digitize and optimize sewing processes, making them visible, measurable, and controllable. Here's a breakdown of its key features:
The system integrates with DATALOGGER IIoT technology, allowing monitoring of various types of processes.
Plug & Play Installation Installation of Kanrisoft is straightforward.
Juki Digital Integration
Kanrisoft seamlessly integrates with Juki Digital, ensuring that process data is visualized and stored effectively for analysis and future reference.
Operator's App
Kanrisoft includes an intuitive operator's app with features such as an easy-to-use interface, reporting tools, communication capabilities, and access to relevant documents and performance metrics.
Real-time Data Monitoring
Kanrisoft provides real-time data monitoring for all processes involved in sewing, whether manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic. This allows for immediate insights into ongoing operations
Historical Insights
The system also stores historical data, enabling analysis and insights into past performance and trends.
Powerful Managerial Tools
The solution provides powerful tools for managers, including real-time data analysis, performance monitoring (such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE), identification of idle times, detection of quality issues, and notification of malfunctions.
Continuous Improvements
Kanrisoft facilitates improvements in sewing processes by providing insights derived from data analysis and facilitating communication among stakeholders.
In summary, Kanrisoft offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing sewing processes, leveraging real-time data monitoring, historical insights, intuitive interfaces for operators, and powerful analytical tools for managers. 

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